Login Help

Cookies are necessary to process login requests.  They will also make it easier next time when using the "Remember Me" option

To Enable Cookies on Mobile Devices:

On iPhones,

  • 1.       Go to Settings
  • 2.       Scroll down to find your browser (Safari as default)
  • 3.       Find the Privacy & Security section
  • 4.       Turn-off “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”
  • 5.       Turn-off “Block All Cookies”
  • 6.       Return to your browser and reload the page

On Android phones,

  • 1.       Open Chrome,
  • 2.       Tap the Menu icon    
  • 3.       Select Settings > Site Settings> Cookies
  • 4.       Turn the “Cookies” switch to on
  • 5.       Disable “Block third-party cookies”
  • 6.       Reload the web page

* Helpful Tip:   For easy access, save the login page as a favorite on your home screen.